Are You Paying a “Passive Recruitment Tax”in Your Health Business?

I was speaking to a health business owner recently, who was almost at breaking point over the regular and frequent wage demands of his current team. He was telling me how one of his team members told him he had been offerred 50% of gross to work for another clinics, and said if his current […]

Why You Need to Get Some of Your Team to “Give it Away”

In a recent post I spoke about the how a family member in hospital at the mement has been subjected to hospital staff speaking negatively about their employer and the damage this negativity is doing to the brand of the hospital. I am sad to report the theme continues. In the most recent episode an […]

How to Brand Your Practice for Recruitment and Client Attraction

Coming from a direct response marketing background, I have always been a bit sceptical about “Branding” and felt branding was more important for larger multi-national companies than for smaller bricks and mortar businesses. However, as social media, video, and imaging has become somewhat easier, it is vital all health business owners use the power of […]

Make Sure Your Team Never Do This in Your Health Business

The super successful Ritz Carlton hotel chain have a document in their team training manual called the “Ritz Carlton Credo“, where they essentially list the terms, conditions and expectations of all team members at their hotels. One of the items on the Credo is: “Only speak positively about the hotel to guests – negative items […]

One Health Business Recruiting Method Even I Would Never Use

In a recent training seminar I outlined and described 41 different methods our Practiceology™ clients are using to ensure their clinics are full of great professionals. In the presentation I spoke about recruitment strategies such as using mentor program, scholarships, noticeboards, community Facebook groups and even sponsoring awards at local high schools – however, there […]

Are You Being Rewarded as a Health Business Owner?

I hear it over and over again when speaking to allied health business owners: “I just wish everything did not depend on me“ Meaning, these owners are so busy treating patients, solving staff issues, managing referrers etc – there is no time left for the owner to do any of the things they really enjoy. […]

Do You Know 8 Reasons Why Patients Should Choose Your Health Practice?

In all of my health business marketing seminars, I talk about the importance of standing out from your competition and understanding your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Essentially answering the question – “Why Should I Buy from You?”. In the Practiceology™ Program, we have a version of a USP – called the “Eight Reasons Why”, which […]