Are You Paying a “Passive Recruitment Tax”in Your Health Business?

I was speaking to a health business owner recently, who was almost at breaking point over the regular and frequent wage demands of his current team.

He was telling me how one of his team members told him he had been offerred 50% of gross to work for another clinics, and said if his current employer did not match this 50% , he would be leaving.

Essentially, the current owner is being blackmailed into paying whatever the team member demands, or risks losing the therapist to a rival company.

Now this situation of comparing % of gross amounts, has massive problems – not the least of which is asking the question – “50% of What?”

Who is to say the rival clinic is as busy as the one he is leaving, and what are the consult fees for each clinic?

Aside from all this, there is a bigger issue for the current employer – he is open to blackmail and increasing wage demands because he has not developed a pipeline of potential therapists ready and waiting to work in his practice.

He has typically been a “Passive Recruiter” – placing the odd advert here and there and then complaining about a lack of response.

This has led to a low number of applicants, and the owner needing to meet therapists wage demands – just to keep the therapist list full.

This is the “Passive Recruitment Tax”- the increased wages you need to pay team members because you have not developed and worked on an ongoining recruitment program in your health business.

Now only you can decide if you want to put the time and effort into becoming an “Active Recruiter”- but be warned, failing to have a comprehensive recruitment system for your business will lead you to paying the “Passive Recruiter Tax”

Your choice.

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I hope this helps you in your health business.

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