How to Run a Receptionless Practice

With skyrocketing wages, labour shortages and reduced staff retention rates causing headaches for health business owners around the world, it is no surprise owners are looking for new ways to run their practices.
One such initiative is to use the power of the internet and outsourced labour to re-engineer your admin team and patient onboarding systems.
We have many clients in our VIP Practiceology™ program using virtual admin services to not only answer the phones, but also follow up missed appointments, create social media content and even reaching out to potential future therapist on LinkedIn.
I have also heard of other practice owners who have been able to totally replace their front desk team with outsourced virtual assistants, who meet, greet and assist patients from a large monitor placed on the practice reception desk.
Whilst the idea of going totally “receptionless” may scare some owners, there is nothing wrong with using a hybrid model where your “in-person” admin is able to develop great rapport and improve the patients experience, whilst the VA does the more non personal and administrative tasks in the background.
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