Make Sure Your Team Never Do This in Your Health Business

The super successful Ritz Carlton hotel chain have a document in their team training manual called the “Ritz Carlton Credo“, where they essentially list the terms, conditions and expectations of all team members at their hotels.

One of the items on the Credo is:

“Only speak positively about the hotel to guests – negative items go to your manager”.

The power of this Credo item was demonstrated to me recently when a family member had a stay in a private hospital.

In the short time I was in the room visiting I counted more than THREE occassions where the nursing staff complained about the hospital, including:

“I will go and find a straw for you – if I can find one as things go missing all the time around here”.

“These machines never work – I don’t know why they even have them”.

I have called the Physio twice – but they never answer their phone”.

Now, these comments may not sound very serious in isolation, however in a health care setting, each comment erodes the brand of the hospital in the eyes of the consumer.

What has this got to do with you as a health business owner?

Well , I would be making sure I launched my own version of the “Ritz Carlton Credo” and reminded my team to ONLY speak positively about the practice to all patients.

If the team member had any complaints or issues, then by all means give them permission to raise them with you, so you can take action to fix the problem, but NEVER share them with clients.

There is a expression Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris, shared in our “Ultimate Patient Experience” Program, which he learnt during his time at Disney:

“Everything Speaks”.

Meaning, every negative team member comment and action, will speak to the client about the professionalism and quality of your business.

Don’t let whinging team members loose on your valuable client list.

Talk action now and launch your own “Ritz Carlton Credo“.

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