The Farmer Wants a Physio – Learn from this Secret TV Marketing Lesson

OK – In past posts I shared how much I like the TV show – “Married at First Sight” – fantastic train wreck television.

Well, it’s time to erase any remaining credibility by saying I just finished watching the last episode of the Aussie series of – “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

OK – Helen is the real fan – but I come along for the ride.

In the final episode these poor farmers have to make the “biggest decision of their lives” , and choose one of the two remaining “wives” , to spend the rest of their lives crutching sheep on their farm in the middle of nowhere.

What an offer !!!

Anyway, as I sat during the last episode I was trying to work out how to tie “Farmer Wants a Wife” into valuable email content.

Now why would I do that?

What’s the value in trying to link an email to my valuable database – with a TV show such as “Farmer Wants a Wife”?

Well – there are TWO reasons for this.

Reason ONE – believe it or not, by me sharing my liking for “Farmer Wants a Wife”, you guys get to know a little bit more about me and what I do outside of business.

This helps establish stronger rapport and increase the level of trust between us.

I still get subscribers coming up to me at live events, taking the mickey out of me for admitting I watch “MAFS”, which is always a great conversation starter and lots of fun.

Reason TWO – it is important your content, messages and offers link to topical content in the media – this makes the client feel you are current and up to date with the goings on in their world.

Look at the number of Christmas Offers, Election Specials, Halloween Deals or School Holiday opportunities, we see in the media all the time.

These companies understand the power of piggy-backing the public interest generated by these special events.

So what is the lesson to you hard working allied health business owners?

Firstly, share some of yourself in your emails, blogs, and social media posts.

Let your patients and clients know more about you so they see you as a real person and not just the owner of a health business.

Secondly, keep an eye on current events and items of special interest you can develop offers and promotions around.

I would love for you to comment on how you have tied current or personal events into your patient communication.

P.S. Make sure you mention “Farmer Wants a Wife” when you see me at a future live event or online presentation.


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