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From the desk of Paul Wright...

Hi There and Welcome,

Because you're here, it's likely you are looking for more information on how to join the Practiceology™ Program.

However, before we go any further into the Practiceology™ system, let's check the health of your health practice, and see if you are a good fit for the program ... by completing this Quick Survey.

Please answer the following questions truthfully. Check the box to the left of each question if you answer "YES".

QUICK SURVEY: What is your score? How many boxes did you check?   

If you answered ‘YES’ to ONE or MORE of the questions above, I have good news.

It looks like the Practiceology™ Program MAY be what you are looking for.

But please note that you won’t be able to join the program without meeting with me first.

That’s because there are at least three different options for you to engage with Practiceology™ and I want to make a certain that you get the option which is best suited to your budget and needs.

So that we can have that conversation please click HERE to go to the page which explains how our meeting will work.

The EIGHT Reasons:

Here are just EIGHT of the reasons why Practiceology™ is the #1 choice when it comes to embedding proven growth systems into your health practice.

Reason # 1 - No Quibble Guarantee and I Take ALL the Risk

If, at any time in the first 30 days of the Practiceology™ program you feel you are not getting incredible value, increasing your profits by much more than the monthly fee, and moving quickly towards the goals we have set – let us know and we will refund all money paid up to this point – and we part as friends - no quibble.

Reason # 2- No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments so You Are Never Stuck

You can cancel your Practiceology™ program at any time, so you're in control.

Reason # 3 - One on One Personal Attention Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Whilst we host regular Practiceology™ CEO Roundtables where you get to share resources and network with other incredible health business owners, you benefit from personal implementation calls with your personal Practiceology™ mentor.

Reason # 4 - Support When You Need It (Never Feel Alone Again)

As health business owners ourselves, we understand how lonely it can be when you are faced with difficult business decisions such as team compliance, hiring, and marketing.

This is why you also receive unlimited access to your mentor's PRIVATE email address, Office Hours with Paul, PLUS "Done for You Team Training" so you get help when you need it.

Reason # 5 - Only Work with Fellow Health Professionals and Practice Owners Who Understand Health Care

The Practiceology™ Program is created and run by fellow health professionals who have hundreds of years of combined experience operating their own successful health practices, using the exact same Practiceology™ systems they will be sharing with you in the program.

Reason # 6 - “Done for You” Team Training Saving You Massive Amounts of Time and Stress

We know how time poor most health business owners are, which is why the Practiceology™ program gives you and your team unlimited access to our unique team training vault.

Reason # 7 - Personal Accountability Guaranteed

Like most health business owners, you have attended seminars, read books and maybe even tried some online group mentor program, however, there is one missing element in all of these alternatives - ACCOUNTABILITY.

Which is why the Practiceology™ program is so effective in helping you IMPLEMENT the necessary systems and changes to free you from your health business.

Goal setting, KPI’s, checklists and detailed financial performance reviews, are all structural components of the Practiceology™ program with your accountability coach personally cheering you on throughout the process.

Reason # 8 - Over $3000 Worth of Bonus Programs to FastTrack Your Business Success

All Practiceology™ members receive VIP access to our unique health business tracking portal which will allow you to measure and oversee your teams performance and business profitability.

Practiceology™ VIP and Practiceology™ Corporate clients also receive unlimited access to our education and template vault, to make your business untouchable when it comes to team training, recruitment and retention.

I think that’s about it!           

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will believe there is simply no better choice for embedding proven, effective, business systems into your health business than Practiceology™.

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